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img20220310144917783886.jpg #0 St. John Cemetery (tomb of Robert.Mapplethorpe) img20220310150409358261.jpg #1 47th Rd, Long Island City, NY img20220310150518943729.jpg #2 55th St, Woodside, NY img20220310150444470781.jpg #3 Almeda Ave, Arverne, NY img20220310150519672622.jpg #4 40-2 Baden Pl, Staten Island, NY img20220310150451600108.jpg #5 Barclay Ave, Staten Island, NY img20220310150453596763.jpg #6 Bayfield Ave, Arverne, NY img20220310154108078287.jpg #7 Beekman Pl, Brooklyn, NY img20220310150433197442.jpg #8 Davis St, Long Island City, NY img20220310150435315858.jpg #9 Degraw St, Brooklyn, NY img20220310154110946090.jpg #10 Dickens St, Far Rockaway, NY img20220310150428964977.jpg #11 E 14th Rd, Broad Channel, NY img20220310150427470093.jpg #12 E 52nd St, New York, NY img20220310150446810828.jpg #13 E 59th St, New York, NY img20220310150458972022.jpg #14 E 75th St, New York, NY img20220310150441009887.jpg #15 Eldert St, Brooklyn, NY img20220310154110861050.jpg #16 Furman Ave, Brooklyn, NY img20220310150448028575.jpg #17 Gipson St, Far Rockaway, NY img20220310150435491619.jpg #18 Iroquois St, Staten Island, NY img20220310150420636646.jpg #19 Lincoln Pl, Weehawken, NJ img20220310150437390645.jpg #20 Lipsett Ave, Staten Island, NY img20220310150513982302.jpg #21 Little Nassau St, Brooklyn, NY img20220310150504197930.jpg #22 N 1st St, Brooklyn, NY img20220310150518734063.jpg #23 Naughton Ave, Staten Island, NY img20220310150455939701.jpg #24 Oak St, Weehawken, NJ img20220310150510646818.jpg #25 Oliver Pl, Bronx, NY img20220310150452712205.jpg #26 Plumb 1st St, Brooklyn, NY img20220310150429985724.jpg #27 Quay St, Brooklyn, NY img20220310150448575322.jpg #28 Sackett St, Brooklyn, NY img20220310150430152370.jpg #29 Schaefer St, Ridgewood, NY img20220310150443528931.jpg #30 Seacrest Ave, Staten Island, NY img20220310154110998555.jpg #31 Whitman Ave, Jersey City, NJ img20220310150443327890.jpg #32 Wolcott St, Brooklyn, NY img20220310150517828410.jpg #33 Yeomalt Ave, Staten Island, NY

It's a long time ago, but in the summer of 1992, when I was a student, there was a retrospective exhibition of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe at Art Tower Mito, and I saw Mapplethorpe's work for the first time. It was about three years after Mapplethorpe died of HIV. The photographic work, in which XXX and flowers, life and death, fear and beauty, etc. are two sides of the same coin, left a strong impression on me at the age of 20.

After that, I learned that the tomb of Mapplethorpe was in Queens, New York, and I continued to want to visit it someday, and it was finally realized 20 years later. I had imagined that it would be a magnificent tomb, but the tomb of Mapplethorpe in the back of the large graveyard was surprisingly simple. Still, the corpse of Mapplethorpe in a casket lies beneath the ground on which he is standing. When I thought that Mapplethorpe was asleep, I couldn't help but feel the complex emotions that made his head flutter. At the same time, I felt the sadness of Robert Mapplethorpe, who had reached the end of his life as a photographer. Then I took some pictures and quietly left the place.

A few years later, I traveled around New York City and its surroundings, around 150 dead ends. Residential areas, warehouse areas, coastal areas, wastelands, etc. I realized that none of the places were popular and I came to the frontier of a big city. Then, he turned back, feeling the same feeling as when he visited Mapplethorpe's tomb, saying that there was no way ahead.

Looking back, I feel that the origin of this trip was when I visited the tomb of Mapplethorpe. ➡️



1972年 埼玉県生まれ
1996年 大阪芸術大学 芸術学部写真学科中退
2024年 京都芸術大学大学院 修士課程超域制作学プログラム専攻 後藤繁雄氏に師事

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